October 22, 2006

Today was the first really "chilly" day....early this morning we burned the fireplace....the kitties love it....my mind is racing with the new baby coming soon and all the things I need to do ahead of time...I have done some Christmas shopping with more to go, I want to get that done before Thanksgiving! I bought a really cute table at Goodwill the other day for 5 bucks! I need to sand it and I think I will paint it white and glaze it maybe...who knows? Ali and I went to Big Lots today and got the cutest little Christmas trees, they are small but we will put them out for Christmas...it is time to go to the store room and start getting things out for the holidays. We really have not decorated for Halloween....just so much trouble going to the store room to get things! We did however go to Target and get Halloween candy for the treat or treaters..I hope we don't eat it all before Halloween!
well.....there is something wrong here.....I just cant figure it out...I really don't know what to do...

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