September 14, 2010

Chair re-do

I had sent my friend a pic of a table and chairs that I am seeing lots of in the decorating blogs. I totally love the style of this
these chairs!

My friend called within a few days and had one and did I want it.... Well heck yeah!
Today I went and got it (plus a little glass table, I will show that later) bored stiff and it is 95 degrees outside but I am so anxious to get started. I whipped out my favorite Heirloom White by Rust-Oleum. And away I went...

While it is drying, I tackle the old cushion.

Staple gun in hand I traced around it allowing enough to staple tight and trim.

I got the fabric at Handcocks for 53% off! So I think it was 4 bucks. I moved the chair up on the patio in case it rains over night ( yeah right). Placed the cushion so I could take a picture( ( I will secure it in the morning) here is the finished chair.

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