October 14, 2010

Chalk Board

Bored as heck today, I hauled out this old picture I got at Goodwill....4 bucks...(don't laugh, I actually had this picture from Home interior some time in the 80's in my house, you know, with those brass butterflies trailing up the wall lol) anyway, here is what it looked like when I started...

I took it apart, and primed the frame.....waited....like the directions say...(big fat lie) well I waited about 30 minutes and whipped out the Rustoleum Aqua spray paint......
then I dusted the glass and got out the chalk board spray paint....give it a few coats letting it dry about 45 minutes between coats.... and
ta da! here it is...not sure where I am going to hang it, but I am sure I will find somewhere!! I love it!

what have you transformed this week?

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